Since graduated with First Class Honours from The Victoria College of the Arts in 2007, Hewson has completed numerous solo exhibitions and research projects. Including ‘Untitled (are you ok bob)’, where she shot notorious video work / rape representation in her New York apartment (2015).  ‘Untitled (Sleeping) 2017’, where she used sleeping tablets to remain asleep in the gallery space for the duration of the exhibition opening hours.  ‘Untitled (hildale)’, where she entered notorious cult community in Hildale and lived for 10 days (Utah 2015).  Untitled (viewer as patient), where she conducted over 50 private therapy sessions in the gallery space (2018/19), and ‘Untitled (Ron)’ where she spent two week interview pornography actors and following Ron Jeremy in Los Angeles (2015).


Hewson was a Ramsay Art Prize finalist (2019), completed a six month residency at Residency Unlimited in New York (2015), was a recipient of the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art international project (2014), wasselected by Art Collector Magazine as one of Australia's 50 mostcollectible artists (2011), and is currently studying at the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis in Melbourne.


      “I am working to generate ways of speaking about the body that are alternative to patriarchal ideology encoded in art, law, language and economy. Thus I use my body in my work as a means to inhabit a new subject position alternative to these singular idealities.”    –    Hewson